Professional Development Series
Flavin Glover

These presentations and workshops are designed to accommodate: 

1)  persons wishing to become teachers of adults; 
2)  persons interested in getting-it-together at home and in the workplace; 
3)  teachers desiring to brush up their teaching skills.  

These programs have been specifically created for seminars and conferences where skills development is emphasized, as well as quilt guild retreats.  All programs include a question-and-answer session, outlines and handouts, and a peek at any quilts Flavin may have in carry-on luggage!  

To arrange for a workshop in your area, click here to contact Flavin for schedule availability and pricing.
1.  PREPARING TO TEACH ADULTS -- Half day workshop
Focus is on preparation for teaching adults.  Learn to organize your presentations, streamline your techniques and create a climate for learning.  Help students get motivated and involved in experimentation in order to produce creative work.  Receive specific detailed information regarding classroom organization, class outlines and handouts, and class project types to consider and how to prepare your own contracts and agreement forms for services.  Opportunities to share teaching experiences will give you a chance to exchange ideas and methods.

Explore the possibilities of branching out with your creativity.  Learn to set priorities.   Discuss plans and set goals that will transfer your hobby into work (goods or services) for profit.  Consider ways to establish your own identity, get yourself organized, streamline your presentation, find an audience or market and sell your proposal in the market place.

3.  GETTING THE JOB DONE -- 1 Hour Presentation
For those who are struggling as they try to do it all.  Discussions will focus on effective ways of managing your time and learning to cope with deadline pressures—keeping your cool.  Timely tips will accent specific habits you can develop to fit your needs.  Learn ways to keep doubt and anxiety at bay that will empower you to focus on your goals.

4.  ENHANCE YOUR TEACHING SKILLS -- 1 Hour Presentation
Become a more dynamic teacher.  Learn ways to motivate your students to accomplish their own creative work; create a climate for learning that will encourage your students; streamline your project demonstrations; help students set realistic expectations; and learn to utilize the dynamics of class involvement and experimentation to enhance a positive learning environment.